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In the last two decades the world has changed. Information is now the key to being successful and Forensic Data Services learned a long time ago, “He who controls the information, controls the world.”

Once life was limited to the US mail and the kitchen telephone. Today mobile devices are in use by everyone. Children are being sent to elementary school with mobile devices. Toddlers are using tablets instead of reading paper books. The information age has arrived, and data is being created from the moment of conception to long after death.

Through this data life cycle, there are two constants in this new world, more information and the need to make sense of it. FDS and its founder Robert Moody has spent more than two decades doing this.

Forensic Data Services, Inc

Making sense of data and putting it into the proper context of its clients.

As you wrestle with how best to deal with your forensic, it or data problems, make sure you have taken the time to speak with the organization that prides itself on maintaining the highest professional standards, life learning in digital forensics and IT security, and is recognized as a professor in these subject areas and not the student.