Video Forensics

Video cameras are more compact than ever before, and have made their way into personal cell phones, laptops, and onto many streets corners across the globe. As a result, video sources of evidence have become more commonplace in court.

Unlike other types of digital evidence, video feed can provide visual footage of events, making it useful in investigations. Drawing conclusions from video feed, however, can be difficult. Much of the Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) video footage and security feeds are poor quality, presenting a challenge to civilians, attorneys, and jurors.

FDS Global’s forensically sound methods enable us to collect and analyze your audio and video data for use in court. We use innovative methods to analyze audio and video feed, succeeding in deciphering difficult data where others have failed. 

Video Forensics

Video Forensics involves preserving video evidence, and analyzing data for use in court. Quality video forensics depends upon analyzing the data correctly. As video footage is often of poor quality, analysis can be challenging. It requires careful attention to detail and innovative techniques to achieve the level of reliability needed to draw forensic conclusions. FDS Global can work with the data to ensure that accurate and factual conclusions are drawn from the data.

Our Video Forensics techniques have been used to decipher events in a number of cases from theft and arson, as well as cases involving slip and fall allegations, and more..