FDS Global’s Robert Moody on WSVN’s “Help Me Howard”:

Robert A. Moody helped to recover hundreds of deleted contacts from a cell phone and talks about the importance of backups on WSVN’S “Help Me Howard”.




“Kiss the E-Discovery Solution Your Wallet Will Love”

FDS Global Presents a Revolutionary Concept in the field of E-Discovery. With the cost of E-Discovery products soaring, FDS Global has launched a cost-effective product that is scalable for any size project. Check out our white board animation for more information.





“How to Obtain the Information you seek from an Internet Service Provider”

One of the most common requests made of the FDS Global staff is to help identify and draft requests to Internet Service Providers or communication companies (for purposes of this paper they will be referred to as ISP) for subscriber information or subscriber use information.

This white paper will address what an ISP keeps in the normal course of business, retention issues, technical challenges, limitations, and where/how to request the information sought.

ISP White Paper


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