Mobile Forensics

Mobile devices are ubiquitous–they can be seen everywhere, from boardrooms to classrooms across the globe.  They can be used to make calls, connect to the Internet, transfer company data, and more. With both personal and professional applications, mobile devices are a common request in court cases.

We can assist you in preserving your mobile evidence to prevent loss or changes to the data. This is a critical step in all of our investigations, and will help you to avoid allegations of spoliation.

FDS Global’s forensically sound methods enable us to collect all of our data for use in court. Our use of best practices provides assurance beyond a reasonable doubt that data has not been altered or destroyed during the investigation.  We ensure quality deliverables, and have an excellent record of expert witness testimony.

Mobile Forensics

FDS Global provides Mobile Forensics services for both individuals and corporations. Services include the forensic collection and analysis of mobile devices.  These include:

  • Cell phones
  • Tablets
  • GPS devices
  • PDAs
  • Wearable technology

Collection can be performed either at the client’s location or in our forensic laboratory.

Data collected from mobile devices  can be used to assist Plaintiff or Defense attorneys in cases involving mobile technology. We can extract data from your mobile devices, and ensure preservation of all data for use in court. We collect our data using write-block technology, ensuring that your data is secure and unaltered.

We can also provide specialized Mobile Forensics consultancy to individuals or corporations. We can help you to recover lost or damaged data or to satisfy other mobile analysis needs.

FDS Global’s Mobile Forensics services also include analysis of data associated with cellular phones, such as cell tower data and geolocation information.

Cell Tower Analysis & Triangulation

FDS Global has a specially trained team to deal with Cell Tower architecture. This topic has become more present in trials dealing with cell phones. FDS Global now has the capability to identify the cell towers that help to route phone calls, enabling users to communicate over their mobile device.

FDS Global uses a survey unit to gather information that mimics users moving around. Mapping this information requires we carefully inspect call records and cell tower data. This ensures that the investigation is suited to our client’s needs.

By using data from call records and cell towers, we can help to answer questions regarding location of a person(s) during a specific date and time.