“How The Hacker Stole Christmas”

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“How The Hacker Stole Christmas”

Dear Blast Readers,


With the holiday season, rapidly approaching, more U.S. households are turning to online shopping to meet the ever-expanding myriad of how-the-hacker-stole-christmasconsumer goods being requested. With news media amplifying the anxiety surrounding Black Friday sales and companies providing an alternative, Cyber Monday, the amount of online shopping following Thanksgiving has dramatically increased. As Online shopping increases so does the amount of credit cards being used on the internet. Opportunity is the mother of innovation, meaning that with more people using credit cards online there is an opportunity for cyber criminals to steal this information and sell the credit card information.


But where do cyber criminals sell credit card information?


The answer is the dark web. Outside the reach of the average computer exists a more insidious side of the internet. On the Dark web users can obtain many illegal items ranging from drugs to weapons to stolen credit card information.


To prevent yourself from being a victim, and your information ending up on the dark web follow these guidelines for safe Online Holiday shopping:


1.     Never enter your credit card information on Pop-ups, often these pop-ups are not what they claim to be.

2.     If you receive an email offering deals that seem too good to be true, do not click on the links. Independently research these offers.

3.     Never buy items from third party distributors, unless you have used or heard of this distributor before.

4.     If you are ordering items from overseas, carefully research the websites you will be ordering from.

5.     Use PayPal to generate a temporary credit card number. This will mitigate the damage of having a card number stolen.


If you want more information on the Dark Web, any of the guidelines for safe Online Holiday shopping, or you have been hacked contact FDS Global. FDS global has a trained team of Hacking investigators who frequently perform investigations on cybercrimes and the dark web. Our Phone number is 954-727-1957. We can be reached by email at rmoody@FDS.global. Our website is www.FDS.global.


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