FDS Global is committed to the concept of combing experience and education. We invest in the transfer of knowledge to our employees and the general public.

We have an upcoming event which is tailored to Criminal Defense lawyers. Attendants will be eligible for 8-16 CLE Credits.

Itinerary for Digital Forensics Custom Event:

  1. Technology primer and working definitions in Digital Forensics
  2. Peer to Peer (P2P) Networks
  3. Introduction to Cellular Forensics
  4. Cell Tower Analysis and Survey Tools

More Information about our Educational Services

We provide web-based training, and also have classroom facilities designed for small enrollment of less than 20 students. Each of our classes offer a high degree of detailed, personal training, using the latest tools and concepts.

We provide informative, practical information presented so that students will acquire skills that can be applied immediately.

Upcoming classes include:

Optimizing Online Investigations – This course will provide a methodology to make the most of online tools to enhance your investigatory protocols and efficacy.

Database Design and Report Writing for Forensic Analysts – This course will provide an introduction into database design and report writing. Students will learn the basic skills needed to work with data and extract information from multiple database platforms.

Mobile Devices Deconstructed– This course will introduce students to the technical details of mobile devices, helping them to improve their mobile methodologies. Content will include the types of information one can expect from each mobile device, and details on device storage and Operating System capabilities and limitations.

Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding upcoming courses.