Meet The DataFerret 5.0

The DataFerret 5.0 is today’s newest, most advanced device for creating forensically sound Do-It-Yourself (DIY) images of computer hard drives. This innovative product is a small, self-contained unit – about the size of a cell phone – that is easily connected to any computer through a USB port. Engineered for simplicity so a layman can effectively use it, The DataFerret 5.0 needs only a few, very simple, on-screen instructions to easily capture forensically sound images of computer hard drives up to 1000 GB. The collection is then analyzed by FDS Global in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

The DataFerret 5.0 Evidence Stands Up In A Court Case.

Since The DataFerret 5.0 doesn’t collect information regarding computer use or communications in progress, the evidence collected by it violates no laws and will stand up in a court case.

The DataFerret 5.0 Is A Universe Beyond Traditional Units.

There is no longer a need for a forensic collection team with a cartload of equipment to invade your office, disrupting the work routine. The feature-packed DataFerret 5.0 is completely different from a standard collection device and is a universe beyond traditional units.

The password-protected DataFerret 5.0 is fully encrypted, so the collected data is protected at all times. The unit also allows you to collect information about the target and enter notations about the evidence and how it is organized while at the collection site.

The DataFerret 5.0 Images Multiple Drives With Targeted Data Collections.

Now you can image multiple hard drives with the only limitation being the available free space and The DataFerret 5.0 allows for targeted collections so you can search by terms or file types.

For more information on The DataFerret 5.0, contact the team at FDS Global.