Computer Forensics

With advancements in technology, computers have made their way into our homes, modes of transport, and offices around the world. As a result, protecting, preserving, and understanding the data associated with computers has never been more important.

We can assist you in preserving your computer evidence to prevent loss or changes to the data. This is a critical step in all of our investigations, and will help you to avoid allegations of spoliation.

FDS Global’s forensically sound methods enable us to collect all Computer data for use in court. Our use of best practices provides assurance beyond a reasonable doubt that data has not been altered or destroyed during the investigation.  We ensure quality deliverables, and have an excellent record of expert witness testimony.

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is the collection and analysis of computers, including Personal Computers (PCs), laptops, and digital media storage devices.

FDS Global provides Computer Forensics services for individuals and corporations alike. Collection can be performed either at the client’s location or in our forensic laboratory. Our highly-trained and expert staff can provide insights into complex technical matters, such as lost, damaged, or stolen data.

FDS Global’s Computer Forensics services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Recovery and analysis of lost, hidden/deleted information, including e-mails
  • Acquisition of data and inventory analysis
  • Computer forensic examination and analysis
  • Computer crime investigation
  • Computer incident response investigation
  • Password and encryption analysis and cracking
  • Data storage and repository services
  • Recovery and Restoration services

FDS Global’s Computer Investigation Model: 

  • Identification of evidence caches
  • Acquisition of data from identified sources
  • Processing of acquired data, Investigation and Analysis of data
  • Presentation of findings and production of relevant data in report form
  • Expert witness testimony of findings

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