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“Television: A Hackers Window Into Your Home

Dear Blast Readers,


It has happened. Your home has been invaded. The one place you thought that you were safe from anything malicious has been breached, and it is because of your smart TV. Smart TVs, being one of the most popular devices, present new security risks for users.


Hackers can gain access to your home through your TV, and they wouldn’t even need physical access to do so. The only thing that they would need is a “Low-Cost Transmitter”.  A “Low-Cost Transmitter” can easily be purchased online through third party vendors such as Amazon or EBay.


With this device, a hacker would be able to send radio signals that can be picked up by your Smart TV and any others within range of the transmitter. When the TV picks up the signal, the hacker has complete and total control of that TV. This then allows the hacker to get privileged access to the TV. Once access is gained, the hacker can cause chaos and harm in many ways, including:

  • The hacker could spy on you through the TVs camera and speaker.
  • The hacker could attack your other Internet connected devices such as: Computers, Tablets and Smartphones.
  • Hackers can access your stored credentials and personal data, putting your identity at risk.


Typically, infections are in the temporary memory. The steps to secure your devices varies from product-to-product. Some ways to protect yourself and your data include:

  1. Restart your device regularly.
  2. Secure your router.
  3. Be smart with your web-connected devices.
  4. Check firmware updates (manually if it does not automatically check for updates).
  5. Be vigilant for irregular activity occurring on your network.
  6. Place a piece of tape over your TV’s camera for a low-tech way to ensure privacy.


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